About Us

In 1974 the Government established the Institute of Public Health Nutrition (IPHN) to assist on formulating policy and strategy for nutrition related activities and programs and also to conduct research, training and surveillance and thereby improving nutritional status of the underprivileged segment of the community.

The IPHN since its inception developing different type of SBCC materials for creating awareness to promote health life throughout Bangladesh with the help of front field workers of the Health and Family Planning workers (HA, FWA, CHCP and others) on Nutrition like Maternal Nutrition, IYCF,GMP, Adolescent Nutrition, Food Safety and Hygiene Promotion and thereby contributing in attain MDGs 4 and 5.

IPHN has been designing, developing, producing, distributing and disseminating SBCC materials (posters, booklets, training manuals, SBCC strategies, flip-charts, policy briefs, fact sheets, etc), including entertainment-education materials (TV spots, short films, drama serials, music videos, theme songs, etc).

Recently, IPHN established a digital archive by introducing an online and LAN-based SBCC Archive. This SBCC archive creates an immense opportunity for public health and SBCC professionals, researchers, academia, program managers, and print and electronic media to have quick, online access to the SBCC materials that have been produced by IPHN.