Workshop on RTMR and relevant OPs

Workshop on RTMR and relevant OPs meeting was held from 2-3 December 2018 residentially at Conference roomof BRAC-CDM, Savar.Members of OPs from NNS-OP, PMR-OP, MNC&AH-OP, CBHC-OP and HMIS-OP all participated in this workshop. The topics  that were discussed in the workshop had the following objectives-

  1. NNS has nine monitoring indicators in DHIS2 for monitoring nutrition activities.
  2. PMR-OP monitors mainly a few numbers of financial indicators in divisional, district and Upazilla level.
  3. MNC&AH-OP uses several protocols by mentioning with the frequency of visits to all types of facilities.
  4. CBHC-OP possesses several monitoring checklists for supervisors.
  5. HMIS-OP is the storehouse of the comprehensive data monitoring system like DHIS2.