Comprehensive Competency Training on Nutrition to be rolled out in 5 districts in June, 2018

Project goal
This evaluation aims to identify the outcome of CBT in improving the knowledge and skill of the front-line health workers in delivering nutrition specific interventions and in strengthening the supportive supervision and monitoring-mentoring by the respective supervisors.
Background and motivation
In the 2014-2015 UNICEF-Government of Bangladesh Rolling Work Plan UNICEF committed to strengthening human resource capacity in nutrition through a comprehensive capacity building initiative at district level and below with a specific focus on the competencies required to deliver quality services at each facility. The approach focuses on identifying the specific skills and knowledge required by each cadre of service provider, at each level of service provision and within the context of specific job descriptions and responsibilities.
The competency based training (CBT) has been designed to ensure that the service provider develops the necessary skill set required to perform their assigned tasks, and not only required knowledge.